Below you'll find our public roadmap. We provide this as a guide for customers and partners to understand where our resources are dedicated.

This roadmap is updated roughly every six to eight weeks in line with our development cycles, and is always subject to change. We'll aim to maintain this page as closely to real-time as possible, and you're welcome to track changes via a service such as Visual Ping (opens new window).

Once we finish working on an item in the tables below, they're committed to the release notes. You can view the release notes here (opens new window).

If you'd like a feature added to the roadmap, please reach out to the support team, your dedicated TAM/reseller contact, or use the feedback button within the mambo EMM console. We see every submitted feedback item!

Recently released

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What? Status Description
What? Support bulk changes to devices via CSV (In beta) Status released 🎉 Description We expanded our bulk capabilities to device actions. Now its possible to delete, update, and perform other actions en-masse without relying on the API.
What? Additional device data shown in-console Status released 🎉 Description We've added Wi-Fi & cellular strength indicators as of most recent check-in, and more accurate battery stats.
What? Add "Delete Team" action for resellers Status released 🎉 Description Based on feedback we added the ability for resellers to delete teams directly, rather than through individual team settings. This includes teams that do not complete onboarding, on trial, etc. Relevant customer and team messaging will be introduced for this as well.


What? Status Description
What? Managed launcher Status ongoing 🚧 Description We're taking our Advanced Kiosk to the next level and migrating the product into a full, managed launcher experience to allow more granular customisation, more control, and more consistency cross-OEM for your deployments.
What? Improved reporting Status ongoing 🚧 Description We're expanding the reports we have available today to include more of the types our customers expect, including application and compliance reports.
What? Upfront billing support Status ongoing 🚧 Description For our resellers (and customers) we're introducing upfront billing and manual license management. This feature will allow both resellers and customers to purchase licenses upfront for a period of 12-60 months, and for resellers to be able to assign and revoke licenses to customers directly as required. We will introduce a trust-based license compliance system with reminders when use exceeds license quantities.
What? Content Manager Status ongoing 🚧 Description For customers looking to deploy documents, videos, pictures or other consumable media, MCM can offer an integrated solution for Advanced Plan customers.
What? Updates to copy and language Status ongoing 🚧 Description With the introduction of several new states for billing compliance and trial flows, we're revamping the copy and language used for our outbound communications in and out of mambo EMM.
What? Audit logging Status ongoing 🚧 Description Richer, more data-driven logging of security and system events on the mambo EMM platform. Know who is making changes to what inside a team, and when.
What? SSO/SAML support Status ongoing 🚧 Description Supporting the authentication and management of users through popular IDP services.
What? Monolithic to microservices rearchitecture Status ongoing 🚧 Description To help us scale and grow at the pace our customers require, we are rearchitecting our platform from a monolithic solution to one leveraging microservices. This will allow us to build in better, faster, on-demand scaling, failover, redundancy and permit the updating of various components independently of one another, reducing planned downtime of the platform.
What? New Android management features Status ongoing 🚧 Description We're adding the ability to relinquish ownership of company owned, personally used (COPE) devices to allow team administrators to grant ownership of a device over to a user. This will remove admin management and allow the user to use the device as their own. We're also adding in lost mode, which introduces some brand new functionality and UX to our existing device possession functionality that provides a more consistent, native experience in line with the rest of the ecosystem.
What? New dashboard widgets Status planning 💭 Description Everyone loves a good graph! We're bringing more insightful widgets to the dashboard.


What? Status Description
What? Reseller dashboard improvements Status assigned 🙋 Description Our reseller product will benefit from far greater visibility cross-team of devices, customers, teams and offer insights on usage, deployments, and more across our reseller estates.
What? Templated emails Status assigned 🙋 Description Our emails are a little devoid of design and imagery at the moment. While it's the content that matters the most, we want to offer a pleasant messaging experience that offers a brand-consistent design and all of our go-to links for customer convenience.
What? API performance improvements Status assigned 🙋 Description We're aware of issues with larger API requests either being too slow or not completing. We're working on a solution for this that will tie into our microservices rearch.
What? Automations & scheduled tasks Status assigned 🙋 Description Helpful time and/or state-based trigger/action system designed to automate device management.
What? Implement data download for user Status assigned 🙋 Description Part of our GDPR alignment, to allow user data to be exported as easily as possible.
What? Implement user delete Status assigned 🙋 Description Part of our GDPR alignment, to allow users to be fully, completely deleted as a user-initiated action.
What? Implement data download for team Status assigned 🙋 Description Part of our GDPR alignment, to allow team data to be exported as easily as possible.
What? Improved location data features Status assigned 🙋 Description At the moment we collect location from devices on a regular basis (when enabled) to aid in device recovery and general whereabouts. We're looking to expand this functionality to allow for geofencing and will integrate it into our automations product for automated management.


What? Status Description
What? In-console notifications Status pending 💬 Description Following our auditing, reporting, and reseller product implementations, we'll be adding in notification functionality to alert team members with the appropriate roles of relevant changes, alerts, and account status all within the mambo EMM console.
What? Geofencing (app & console) Status pending 💬 Description We're introducing new policies and automations based on reported device location.
What? Advanced certificate management Status pending 💬 Description Our enterprise customers rely heavily on certificates. We're looking at ways to integrate greater certificate management into mambo EMM for more use cases than just Wi-Fi authentication.
What? Reseller management, contingency, & non-payment flows Status pending 💬 Description Resellers will be subject to the same non-payment and billing issue flows as customers are today, which will result in read-only reseller accounts, reseller customer migrations, reseller reporting, data management, and more. This is a big reseller epic and will be broken out into smaller roadmap items later.
What? Offline compliance actions Status blocked 🛑 Description With AMAPI adding support for local commands through the Device Policy SDK, offline compliance actions will allow us to monitor devices without an active internet connection for compliance violations and react accordingly. Blocked, waiting on Google.
What? #BetterTogether Status blocked 🛑 Description As Google migrates away from managed Google Play accounts and back to managed Google accounts, as part of their push to converge the Google ecosystem of Chrome, Android, and Cloud, we'll be adjusting our flows to adequately support this. Blocked, waiting on Google.