1. 1.20.0

    In development
  2. 1.19.0

    Released on April 10th, 2024
    • Features
      Integrate SAML authentication using third-party IDPs to Mambo teams.
    • Fully unattended remote management for RHINO devices
    • Hidden SSID Support in Wi-Fi Configuration.
    • Support Print Management Policy
    • Improvements
      Improved DB handling for device metadata.
  3. 1.18.0

    Released on January 15th, 2024
    • Beta
      Ability to trigger location requests in CSV bulk actions
    • Several improvements in CSV bulk actions, including: error messages on result email include more context and mention of the affected row, fields that allow multiple values can use comma or comma space, UI enhancements and validation, etc.
    • Features
      Resellers can set their own custom URL links for support articles used across the application
    • Improvements
      More fields added as part of the metadata implementation, including: internal and exteral storage total and usage, uptime, wi-fi and cellular stregths as dBm, etc.
    • UI improvements in display of metadata values, providing more context and relevant iconography
    • Add help text for password reset to inform of requirements in Android 14
    • Improve display of access tokens on smaller screens
    • Prevent socket updates to be sent on last used updates to lower Redis and WebSocket load
  4. 1.17.x

    • Improvements January 4th
      • Implement "Minimum Wi-Fi security level" as part of the latest AMAPI updates
    • Bug fixes January 4th
      • Fix validation of password inputs used in network configurations depending on security types
    • Improvements November 24th
      • Set new environment variables to control database query timeouts
    • Improvements November 23rd
      • Reduce platform logging
    • Improvements November 20th
      • Improve detection of enterprise unbinding occurring
      • Implement MAC randomization field for networking
      • Shorten AMAPI web token expiry
      • Add job timeout for all metadata related jobs (Heartbeat, location, device metadata tracking)
      • Add a new column to the reseller's users table to view how many teams a user is an owner of
      • Update handling of compact Stripe key for resellers
      • Rename Teams `isPendingDelete` field to `isPendingManualDelete` for clarity
  5. 1.17.0

    Released on November 9th, 2023
    • Beta
      Ability to apply actions on devices in bulk via CSV
    • Android
      Implement companion app as placeholder for unmanaged devices
    • Features
      Implement team delete for resellers and admin and improve deletion flows
    • Implement action for admins to update resellers
    • Create action to view teams under a reseller for admins and root reseller
    • Improvements
      Update email tracking for better debugging and accurate deliveries
    • Refactor guards to handle form data by default
    • Update post-trial banner handling for better descriptions on each case
    • Refactor of association permissions for more robust and centralized security
    • Allow password reset command on devices to be empty, which results in password being cleared
    • Add onboarding and verification state columns on users tables for resellers and admins
    • Fetch latest app labels whenever a new app is added instead of relying on cache
    • Implement search by both name and package for application tables
    • Bug fixes
      Fixes in email copy, dates and time left display
    • Fix location socket events handling to prevent glitch in map render
    • Fix placeholder misplacement on select inputs
  6. 1.16.x

    • Improvements October 11th
      • Updated endpoints for health check service
    • Improvements October 10th
      • Implement AMAPI updates for Android 14
      • Add `ultraWidebandState` to control ultra wideband setting and `cellularTwoGState` to control cellular 2G enablement on radio state settings
      • Add new 'shortcuts' keyguard disabled feature option, which refers to enablement of shortcuts on secure keyguard screen in Android 14 and above
      • Add new 'disallowed except for system apps' option in `showWorkContactsInPersonalProfile` to ensure that only system apps can access work contacts
      • Implement optional package exemptions for showing contacts in personal profile, depending on `showWorkContactsInPersonalProfile` value
    • Bug fixes October 10th
      • Parse empty-like BOM character on CSV variables upload
      • Fix DB timeouts and concurrent restarts
      • Fix copy handling for secondary resellers
    • Bug fixes October 5th
      • Added handling for throwing AMAPI related errors when the HTTP response has already been sent
    • Bug fixes September 28th
      • Fix issue occurring on some reseller teams when inviting existing users
      • Prevent space trimming on select inputs, as existent values are possible to have spaces in them and improve space validation handling across inputs
      • Improve both success and error handling on 2FA page
    • Bug fixes September 26th
      • Fix validation cases in some guards that weren't receiving up to date data
      • Refactor web storage to avoid unsettled data or race conditions
      • Increase metadata queue processing concurrency
      • Update validation for CSV files
      • Update UI misalignment for dashboard labels on small screens
      • Fix active device query to tally devices more accurately
    • Android September 19th
      • Updated the accessibility flow
      • Implement device metadata for radio settings
    • Bug fixes September 19th
      • Lower queue concurrency for processing metadata, heartbeats, and locations
      • Lower database query timeout timing
      • Fix UI glitch when team settings are updated
    • Bug fixes September 15th
      • Update post-trial and email state tracking to prevent multiple emails to be sent
      • Allow the same application to be set on both managed and personal in applications component
      • Fix issue on `maximumTimeToLock` type handling
      • Fix alignment on table header menu buttons
      • Update timer to prevent negative countdowns
    • Improvements September 15th
      • Update package name validation
      • Improve unit handling on password expiration timeout fields
      • Include links to reseller teams while in secondary resellers domains for easier access to reseller configuration
    • Bug fixes September 12th
      • Add missing migration for _searchable column adding to DeviceHeartbeats
      • Fix alignment of device commands
      • Fix display of reports action on devices page if user doesn't have the reports permission
      • Fix issue when filtering dates due to time zone disparity
    • Improvements September 12th
      • Removing CI Docker builds for commits
      • Update third party API errors from returning 500 to returning 503
      • Add feedback subtitle link
      • UI and logic fixes for device locations
      • Update Stripe customer when team data changes (Slug, name, etc.)
      • Don't delete a Stripe customer on team delete
      • Add active devices to team dashboard
    • Bug fixes September 4th
      • Update package names validation so underscore symbols are allowed
      • Fix issues affecting filter inputs with fetched values (Going out-of-focus and placeholder misalignment)
    • Bug fixes September 1st
      • Update validation handling of Stripe key input in reseller settings to fix wrongly disabled save button
      • Fix saving error when updating location or heartbeat intervals in general policy component
    • Bug fixes August 30th
      • Fix issue that prevented locations from being fast-tracked
  7. 1.16.0

    Released on August 30th, 2023
    • Beta
      Advanced Kiosk has been promoted from beta to production
    • Android
      Implement AIDL service to share data across mambo apps
    • Adjusted companion app onboarding to match Google's accessibility compliance (WIP)
    • Features
      App version reports for devices, these get generated in CSV and include a selected set of applications
    • Access tokens for resellers
    • Improvements
      Implement onboarding period for teams: this will prune any of them that have not completed their onboarding 7 days after creation
    • On-demand locations with fast-tracked handling
    • Create user action for resellers so they are able to view the teams of that user
    • Whitespace handling to prevent odd spaces on user-input data
    • Enhanced heartbeat tracking by separating them into standalone table
    • Improved validation handling for emails, domains, slugs, package names, etc.
    • Update locations display limit to up to 20 in last 7 days
    • Bug fixes
      Update limitations for applications that are required for setup as per AMAPI requirements
    • Consistent copy for key-words across app
    • Fixed email handling to prevent duplicate emails
    • Fix handling of cache disconnections to prevent restarts / shutdowns
  8. 1.15.x

    • Bug fixes August 24th
      • Implement fix that prevented updating custom variables of devices without unique identifiers
      • Fix issue that caused errors on members import
    • Improvements August 23rd
      • Increase items per page options on tables to allow 100 and 200 per page
      • Update error handling to prevent issues when broadcasting messages to devices
    • Android August 21st
      • Updated accessibility permission flow
      • Moved on demand location requests to a sepatate endpoint
      • Implemented an interface to enable communication between mambo apps
      • Fixed blank screen issue on Advanced Kiosk
    • Bug fixes August 18th
      • Fixed an alignment issue in Broadcast Message box
    • Bug fixes August 8th
      • Add validation and email formatting for member invites via CSV
    • Improvements August 3rd
      • Implement latest AMAPI updates, which includes: new `airplaneStateMode` for radio settings, new possible values for non-compliance reason (`DEVICE_INCOMPATIBLE`) and specific non-compliance reason (`ONC_WIFI_API_LEVEL` and `ONC_WIFI_INVALID_ENTERPRISE_CONFIG`) and add new `userFacingType` for application reports
    • Bug fixes August 3rd
      • Fix an issue with package names validation that affected network components
      • Update package names validation to allow uppercase characters
      • UI fixes for tables: misplacement of headers in applications table of applications component and updated styling for bulk actions menu
      • Refactor access token's expiration date setting to prevent issue that presented to an user
    • Improvements July 21st
      • Implement the latest batch of AMAPI fields including: `DomainSuffixMatch` for EAP Wi-Fi config, `wifiState` control, `usbDataAccess`, `configureWifi`, `wifiDirectSettings`, and `tetheringSettings`
      • Ensure ID fields such as team or enterprise ID are displayed in a case-sensitive manner
      • Remove the option to 'Never' send device heartbeats, the lowest option for device heartbeat will now be a daily device check-in
      • Mark plans as broken when subscriptions can't be created for teams on the plan if automatic (Stripe) billing is enabled
    • Bug fixes July 21st
      • Updated email and URL fields to be stored in lowercase only for improved management
      • Updated billing email management to avoid erroneous emails being sent for non-payment flow
    • Improvements July 10th
      • Update typography scale and content width handling for a better experience on larger screens
  9. 1.15.0

    Released on July 6th, 2023
    • Beta
      Offline compliance flow has been fully removed pending Google support
    • Android
      Improved the in/out transition for Advanced Kiosk to resolve poor UX
    • Resolved an issue with rotation when using Advanced Kiosk
    • Resolved a vulnerability in our WebRTC library for Remote Control
    • Improved button placement for larger screens
    • Improvements
      Implement latest AMAPI updates for the following fields: `DelegatedScope`, `WorkProfileWidgets`, `personalAppsThatCanReadWorkNotifications`, `usageLog`, `preferentialNetworkService`, `crossProfilePolicies` and `oncCertificateProviders`
    • Re-implemented AMAPI policy `appautoupdatepolicy` to permit setting of preferred networks for updates. This was removed in a prior version release in line with Google recommendations, however has been reversed due to loss of functionality not provided by the recommended alternative
    • Refactor tracking of current billing info for teams to ensure latest data is accessible
    • Allow immediate deletion for teams in trial / post-trial, update the related communications sent and the 'delete' team page
    • Handle removal of a team's Android Enterprise binding by sending communications, allowing to re-bind and re-deploy policies
    • Enhancements on reseller's teams page, including: show billing-related columns on the teams table and allow sort and filtering, include a 'view owners' action per team, add a new column called 'upcoming invoice' which includes the date and amount, updated 'view billing history' action, etc.
    • Several improvements related to large screens UI and frontend architecture
    • Updated Team "DATA" menu to "DELETE" for better clarity of team management
    • Bug fixes
      Multiple fixes related to our billing flow handling, including: handling customers with no plan, cancelled subscription with no non-payment flow, duplicate billing-related emails sent, etc.
    • Fix filter in reseller's teams page for billing-related columns
    • Allow team to select from all the available plans if their current plan is cancelled
  10. 1.14.x

    • Bug fixes Jun 26th
      • Fix issue that prevented cancelling a team's deletion
    • Bug fixes Jun 14th
      • Fix copy on billing alert banners
    • Bug fixes Jun 1st
      • Fix transactions and error handling when deleting devices
      • Include indexes for device IMEI and MEID
    • Bug fixes May 25th
      • Prevent duplicate records when paginating through teams in cron jobs
    • Bug fixes May 24th
      • Fix an issue in rendering an informational banner when placing teams into read-only mode
      • Add additional debug logs to the scheduled team billing update job
    • Bug fixes May 22nd
      • Fix an issue that resulted in duplicate billing emails being sent out
      • Prevent manually billed teams inadvertently being placed into the non-payment flow
    • Improvements May 20th
      • Implement the ability for resellers to toggle teams into manual billing mode, which bypasses all Stripe billing checks and mechanisms and allows resellers to settle billing their own way
      • Implement a new non-payment flow for teams. When teams are overdue on invoices or their plan subscription is empty / has been inadvertently cancelled, the flow will be triggered to send communications to the team and allow a grace period before they're placed into read-only mode (30th day) or deleted (90th day). Resellers can also pause / unpause this state on teams at any time
      • Implement a reseller CSV export for teams and billing information
      • Update copy for developer settings within policy components
      • Update copy for API documentation
    • Bug fixes May 20th
      • Refactor reactivity for plans and feature flags within the mambo platform
      • Fix an issue in pagination when searching for unique values of a non-unique field
      • Remove the offline compliance configuration page pending resolution of some issues in applying the offline compliance policy
      • Fix a bug that caused an API error when reseller was filtering teams by their trial end date
  11. 1.14.0

    Released on May 8th, 2023
    • Beta
      Implement offline compliance flow; teams can now define an offline compliance policy, and a period before devices automatically switch over to this policy (Pending app implementation)
    • Improvements
      Update SQL transaction usage to improve DB locks, reduce deadlocks and conflicting updates on rows
    • Update package metadata, licensing, and authorship for mambo EMM
    • Update branding and domains for mambo EMM
    • Implement automatic auth token refreshing to avoid waiting on API signals
    • Update feedback implementation and types for better management
    • Improve email and queue schedule flow during platform updates
    • Bug fixes
      Fix reactivity and improve handling of date field inputs across the platform
    • Update the autocomplete input component to fix bug when filtering through fields with different value and labels
    • Implement a series of improvements and optimizations for device remote control connectivity and session stability
  12. 1.13.x

    • Improvements April 25th
      • General improvements and logging for socket reconnections and events
      • Improvements on socket initialization and token refresh handling
    • Bug fixes April 24th
      • Coupon information was not getting updated due to incorrect data type in database
      • Only create subscriptions when existing one is cancelled, not unpaid or incomplete
    • Bug fixes April 3rd
      • Update remote control session end flow to clear all streaming data when a device disconnect happens
      • Update WebSocket listeners with additional event logging
    • Bug fixes March 29th
      Update system release flow to restart all queues correctly
    • Improvements March 24th
      • Add firmware version (Android build) into the basic CSV asset report
      • Improved locale for context and explanations across the platform
      • Update 'Go to team' buttons under your teams list to use standard HTML links for improved semantics and browser functionality
    • Bug fixes March 24th
      Improve clarity of copy used for the keyguard config input used under the security component
    • Bug fixes March 23rd
      Fix an error in saving app minimum version code, which wasn't being updated correctly based on user input
    • Bug fixes March 22nd
      Fix an error in saving app settings for the application component. Due to some broken mapping settings, changes weren't being reflected when updating the applications components
  13. 1.13.0

    Released on March 20th, 2023
    • Beta
      We're releasing the first implementation of our reseller platform for our partner ecosystem
    • Features
      Implemented subscription auditing & billing history for resellers; adds an overview of all subscription and trial status of teams, payment method validity, and overdue invoices for teams subscribed through Stripe
    • Implemented search within the application component to allow searching through all added applications
    • On our lower-tier plans, we now highlight features available in higher tiers, rather than hiding them completely.
    • Improvements
      Updated applications component and kiosk to show app names instead of package names where available
    • Implemented DPC extras for zero-touch integration. Going forward it will be possible to assign a preferred policy during ZT integration. Existing integrations must be removed and re-added to leverage this
    • Added our first batch of checks within the companion app to validate connectivity and advanced feature support
    • Improved the layout and sizing of the managed config UI
    • Various updates to placeholders, inputs, localizations, and minor UI improvements
    • Significantly improved the handling and flow of multi-select actions; added handling for partial success of multi-select actions and improved cleanup of successful items
    • Improved caching and use of reseller and team plan in various places across the app using the local cache store
    • Update and improve locales on several email templates
    • Improved the handling of remote control session stability and connection with the server and device
    • Improved app icon scaling in Advanced Kiosk
    • Improved flow in and out of Advanced Kiosk when changing device policies
    • Improved remote control session handling
    • Improved remote control socket handling
    • Added a sign in button to the support site for faster access back to the customer team
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed search and sort of the user teams table
    • Fixed a rendering issue of managed config extending beyond our modal
    • Fixed dashboard for users without a team
    • Fixed an issue where selections in tables remain selected after delete
    • Fixed an issue in sorting by device information on the devices table
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the "Change Plan" button from rendering
    • Prevented rendering sign in button once a user has logged in on the subdomain of a team that hasn't been registered yet
    • Fixed sorting and filtering for managed variables table
  14. 1.12.x

    • Bug fixes March 16th
      Adjust heartbeat and location job queue flow; if a job for a speciifc device is already queued the new job wil be dropped until processing the existing job completes.
    • Bug fixes March 16th
      Lower setup and connection logic surrounding Redis to improve Redis server load.
    • Bug fixes March 14th
      Lower concurrency limit for heartbeat and location jobs being processed, to avoid throttling our servers.
    • Improvements March 7th
      Update locales for the team read only message, to provide a more informative message on why a team may be in read only mode and what a team can do to resolve this.
    • Improvements March 4th
      Improve the throughput and handling of queues. Prevent duplicate location and heartbeat jobs from being queued, and allow parallel processing of jobs.
    • Improvements March 4th
      Add reseller ability to manually place teams into read-only mode.
    • Bug fixes February 22nd
      Fix trial period banner display on billing page, once a valid payment method is set we don't display the banner.
    • Bug fixes February 22nd
      Correctly remove teams from readonly when a payment method is added.
    • Improvements February 22nd
      Update checking for device when looking up with the `/registered` route, we now take account of the various states a device can be in.
    • Bug fixes February 21th
      Fix billing links displayed on trial period automated emails.
    • Bug fixes February 16th
      Prevent issue that occurred when a user not part of any team went through onboarding.
    • Improvements January 30th
      Include last heartbeat and last AMAPI check-in as fields on the CSV reports.
    • Bug fixes January 30th
      Update state handling when initiating remote control. We've made some improvements to the flexibility of the browser handling remote control events from devices during initial setup.
    • Bug fixes January 26th
      Improve cleanup of remote control session in cases of connection drop and fix typo present when extracting device ID. We've updated the cleanup flow of remote control to ensure session end and begin anew without any old data present.
    • Improvements January 26th
      Update copy for the unpaid invoices banner to better inform the user what they need to do.
    • Improvements January 19th
      Implement strong caching for team and reseller logos. Making proper use of ETags and cache validation, logo files should always display as the most up to date file version reflecting team configuration.
    • Improvements January 19th
      Clarify "Settings" label in remote control as a reference to the "Quick settings" Android intent, which opens the quick settings menu within the notification dropdown area.
    • Improvements January 19th
      Improved the UX and flow of lockscreen messages for devices, clarifying the labels and explanations, and moving the defalt message above the localized versions.
    • Improvements January 19th
      Add new additional field "Active devices", a tally of how many devices have sent recent heartbeats available on the Teams table for resellers.
    • Bug fixes January 19th
      Fix onboarding flow for users who register without an invite, the correct API calls will be made to create a team for users during onboarding.
    • Bug fixes January 19th
      Fix bug in validation for reseller free trial period input. Wait for users to complete input before running error validation.
    • Bug fixes January 19th
      Ensure that remote control session always has the browser ping interval cleaned up when remote control is exited, even on unexpected session closures and device timeouts.
    • Bug fixes January 13th
      Fix bug in mobile Safari that prevented opening external links.
    • Improvements January 12th
      Implemented an improved reseller teams overview table that lists additional details on the teams enrolled under a reseller and their payment information, devices enrolled, and other team details.
  15. 1.12.0

    Released on January 4th, 2023
    • Features
      We isolated possession state for devices as a role-customizable feature to allow more granular control over the permissions of individual team members, this can be changed in roles.
    • We have officially completed the sunsetting of the 100 device tier, and with 1.12 have rolled out our 30 day trial flow for new customers. We have also released this flow to our reseller program, giving resellers the ability not only to reinstate a free device limit, but now to also create customized free trials across their subscription tier(s). This new feature offers prompts through the whole trial flow so teams are both aware of when it ends as well as prompts for adding payment methods, and related information. We have been thoughtful in our approach to how we present messages to customers, adjusting the wording of messages per-role to avoid those without the relevant permissions trying (and failing) to complete billing setup. Other considerations include sending periodic emails when needed and improving the post-trial experience to increase conversion of teams.
    • Heads up!: We're getting closer to releasing our non-payment and incomplete setup flows that will in future limit teams that do not provide valid billing information at the end of a trial, or who remain overdue on invoices over a period of time. More details of this will be provided in the near future.
    • Improvements
      Device heartbeat has been moved to the metadata queue to prevent it to affect our API's performance and centralize this process into another queue.
    • Passwords now have a toggle display to allow users to review what they typed, additionally, the password for Wi-Fi settings is now hidden for extra security.
    • Provide better help text for allowed file types for logo uploads.
    • Refactor so our UI elements rely on the store for reusability.
    • Bug fixes
      Bypass no access screen due to 2FA when accessing the admin panel
    • Improved our flow of attempting and retrying failing HTTP requests for better bandwidth usage. This was negatively impacting performance of the platform.
    • Prevent policy sorting since it causes issues when a filter is set. We'll reintroduce this functionality in a later release once we've resolved the root cause.
    • Fix issues that were present in networks around Wi-Fi certificates. We now prevent empty network certs when leveraging that authentication type, and have retroactively resolved this on customer teams.
    • Fix focus handling issue on mobile tables.
    • Fix names used for URL inputs for resellers.
    • Fix issues with display and data reset after adding device variables.
    • Corrected typo in calling scheduled team delete cleanup job
  16. 1.11.x

    • Improvements December 22nd
      Device heartbeat updates shifted to a background queue to be offloaded and processed with minimal delay. Location and heartbeat updates from devices are now processed in the background with a capacity of tens of thousands of updates per minute, leaving the API free to respond to priority requests.
    • Bug fixes December 13th
      Location updates shifted to a background queue to be offloaded and processed with minimal delay. Location updates from devices are now processed in the background with a capacity of tens of thousands of updates per minute, leaving the API free to respond to priority requests.
    • Bug fixes December 9th
      Location updates have been temporarily disabled. Due to the increase in scale and devices enroled under mambo, the current infrastructure is unable to keep up with the number of location updates from devices. Location tracking has been temporarily disabled while the issue is addressed, and should be reenabled shortly.
    • Bug fixes December 9th
      Updated database connection configuration to address occassional SSL issues.
    • Bug fixes December 9th
      The database pool size used by all services has been doubled to keep up with demand of the increased scale of usage.
    • Bug fixes November 22nd
      Fixed a missing database function to continously update and optimize search indexes for devices.
  17. 1.11.0

    Released on November 15th, 2022
    • Features
      We have switched back to AM API customer managed enterprises to stay in sync with latest Google AM API changes. New teams registering will now need to use a Google account to bind an enterprise during team onboarding, and this will affect any enterprise currently bound to that Google account.
    • We now allow resellers to customize their plans further by setting a free device allowance on plans, and silently updating the Stripe product and subscription data to be in sync with mambo.
    • The new support knowledgebase for mambo is live! With a quick and easy link available at the bottom of the sidebar, you can read detailed articles and tutorials on all sections of mambo features and usability.
    • Improvements
      We have updated the icons and language used to clarify alerts from notifications, such as devices with a pending policy change in progress.
    • We have improved English localization and clarity in areas like bulk member import, device policy change, device location, and other areas across the platform.
    • Massive improvements to the advanced kiosk configuration menu based on customer feedback. The alignment and structure of the menu has been overhauled to offer a more clear and consistent UX for customers and to make better use of the screen space available.
    • We've improved our detection and transition to a maintenance state in the occurrence of any server outages.
    • We've continued improving our database queries and transactions across the platform to minimize resource usage and deliver faster results to everyone.
    • Adjusted the layout on the billing page to provide a more clear understanding of each plan and the differences in changing from your current plan.
    • We now automatically update the advanced kiosk layout when an app is removed from all policy components and won't be available on devices.
    • We now enforce stricter requirements for support impersonation of system administrators.
    • We've improved the categorization and handling of system applications. System apps with "SYSTEM_APP_UPDATED_VERSION" returned from AM API will now correctly be identified as system apps, and all system apps will be prevented from setting as "Blocked" for the install type.
    • Improved the display of very long device messages in the advanced kiosk device preview.
    • Improved the dropdown UI across the platform to better differentiate between single value dropdowns, multi-select dropdowns, and searchable dropdowns.
    • To prevent massive data for devices with frequent location updates, location history will be periodically trimmed.
    • Improved the UI of the 2FA screen to better fit screen size.
    • Improved the display of alert and notification icons on tables to avoid wrapping and causing alignment issues.
    • We've optimized device sync to lower bandwidth used and complete sync much faster to give close to real-time device updates for users.
    • Improved types used during development to better handle edge cases during development of mambo.
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed an issue where the select box in mobile interfaces didn't reflect the select state correctly.
    • Fixed the validation for freeze periods when setting freeze periods cross-year, such as a December to January freeze on device updates.
    • Fixed an issue that required an app to have a minimum version code defined, even if the value was 0.
    • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly displaying policy previews during bulk change, sometimes causing data to not appear.
    • Fixed an issue with details sometimes showing as undefined or unknown in the mobile table UI.
    • Improved platform reactivity when changing window size and mobile device orientation.
    • Made sidebar static, no more scrolling up and down when the sidebar fits the screen correctly.
    • Made table banners correctly stick to the top of the table when scrolling large tables.
  18. 1.10.x

    • Improvements November 9th
      Increased the number of devices we fetch from AMAPI per request, to lower the time it takes to sync all devices, and lower the number of requests against AMAPI. With more devices per request the overall bandwidth has been lowered to improve speeds around device sync and offer faster realtime device updates.
    • Bug fixes November 8th
      An issue with the high level of traffic and requests against the API caused intermittent outage of the platform. As we continue to grow and increase the number of devices we have enroled, we continously need to process and serve more data for customers. Several optimizations were made to our database connection logic, query indexes, and our API health checking, to ensure our servers continue to operate at peak performance and spread the load of traffic amongst our servers more efficiently.
    • Improvements November 4th
      Implemented high-priority queueing for device updates from Google. Any device updates received from Google are now LIFO and high priority, to ensure no matter how heavy traffic is, devices will remain updated and data will be as close to real-time when displayed to all customers across mambo.
    • Bug fixes November 1st
      An issue with indexing devices to provide quality search caused a large amount of bloat in the database. With the optimization of search indexes and continued tuning of the database, we reduced the data size by 99% and cleared any possible bottlenecks that would occur during large data updates. Indexes have been improved to index only what customers need to find, and the speed and consistency of mambo have increased dramatically without affecting search usability.
    • Improvements October 20th
      Implement queueing for device updates from Google. Some enterprises make updates to thousands of devices within a moment, and Google attempts to send mambo a personalized update for each device. This can lead to heavy traffic on mambo with multiple enterprises managing their devices, so to improve speed and traffic management we now queue the processing of these updates to handle them in small batches and continue delivering a quality experience to customers.
    • Improvements October 11th
      Fine-tune error handling, timeout, and reconnection logic for the API database connection. This addressed API outages that were caused by unstable database connections when heavy traffic or unhandled exceptions occurred. With better tuning and handling of database connections, queries run smoother and don't cause any system-wide issues.
    • Bug fixes October 6th
      Fine-tune error handling, timeout, and reconnection logic for the API database connection. This addressed API outages that were caused by unstable database connections when heavy traffic or unhandled exceptions occurred. With better tuning and handling of database connections, queries run smoother and don't cause any system-wide issues.
    • Bug fixes October 5th
      Fixed an issue related to the protection of Android system apps. Previously mambo blocked any management of internal Android system apps existing in a policy, to avoid causing issues with native Android system packages not being installed. This caused issues with users who had the system apps set to pre or force-installed. Now, mambo only prevents trying to disable Android system apps.
    • Improvements October 5th
      Implemented some changes to our authentication flow with an explicit 'Verify' button. This fixed issues a customer was facing involving email filtering software attempting to preload and mangle URLs, which prevented our UI from correctly parsing the token included in the URL.
    • Improvements October 1st
      Implemented escape hatch for clients with custom hardware that cannot support the mambo companion app, to skip the mandatory installation of the companion app until the app is made supported on the custom hardware.
    • Bug fixes September 21th
      Fix outdated email copy (Thanks again to Hitesh).
    • Bug fixes September 20th
      Temporarily remove filtering through certain custom variables due to them presenting issues and fix an issue when filtering through dates after another filter was present.
    • Bug fixes September 16th
      Fix an issue that prevented viewing access tokens' details and issue that prevented sorting by device count in the reseller's teams table.
    • Bug fixes September 15th
      Fix an issue that prevented the creation of new Security Components and apply internal optimizations.
    • Improvements September 15th
      Increase device sync timing from 5 to 30 minutes.
    • Bug fixes September 14th
      Device sync optimizations
    • Bug fixes September 14th
      Implement fixes for encoding of device AMAPI details.
    • Bug fixes September 13th
      Revert workaround for Android enrolments bug.
  19. 1.10.0

    Released on September 13th, 2022
    • Beta
      Initial release of our Advanced Kiosk feature
    • Features
      Add feedback channels
    • Implement health-check and maintenance pages
    • Support personnel can initiate the reset password process and remotely disable 2FA for lockout situations
    • Improvements
      Reduce page size & loading times significantly
    • Exempt companion app from VPN lockdown by default (customer overridable)
    • Assign the high-priority policy to the companion app
    • Display companion app in the list of installed apps
    • Make command expiry less prominent and fully optional
    • Improved table scrolling with persistent checkbox selection
    • Update placeholders and input examples for persistent preferred activities (setting app defaults)
    • Improvements to support personnel capabilities
    • Prevent support personnel from directly accessing user account settings.
    • Improvements to column filter search, avoiding issues with case sensitivity
    • Improvements to onboarding UX
    • Improve performance of CSV bulk actions
    • Implement latest AMAPI updates for `freezePeriods`, `securityRisk`, `nonComplianceDetails` and `unifiedLockSettings`
    • General performance improvements on device sync
    • Bug fixes
      Fix a dashboard issue to provide up-to-date data
    • Prevent auto-closing location modal whenever a new location was received
  20. 1.9.12

    Released on August 18th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Internal optimizations
  21. 1.9.11

    Released on August 17th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Solve device sync issue when cache still has data that's expired
    • Fix device location fetching issue on the frontend
  22. 1.9.10

    Released on August 11th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Implement `alwaysOnVpnLockdownExemption` AMAPI option for applications
  23. 1.9.9

    Released on August 10th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Implement the newer `cameraAccess` AMAPI field to replace the deprecated `cameraDisabled` field
    • Implement the newer `microphoneAccess` AMAPI field to replace the deprecated `microphoneDisabled` field
    • Bug fixes
      Minor bug fix in jobs when checking for duplicates still processing
  24. 1.9.8

    Released on August 4th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Properly escape JSON characters during SQL inserts
  25. 1.9.7

    Released on August 4th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix unicode character sequence encoding issue in some SQL queries
  26. 1.9.6

    Released on August 4th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Add additional logging capabilities to trace errors
    • Bug fixes
      Refactor device sync to avoid blocking the processing thread
  27. 1.9.5

    Released on August 3rd, 2022
    • Improvements
      Add additional logging capabilities to trace errors
  28. 1.9.4

    Released on August 3rd, 2022
    • Improvements
      Reduce memory usage of background tasks
  29. 1.9.3

    Released on August 3rd, 2022
    • Improvements
      Add additional logging capabilities to trace errors
  30. 1.9.2

    Released on August 3rd, 2022
    • Improvements
      Add additional logging capabilities to trace errors
  31. 1.9.1

    Released on August 1st, 2022
    • Improvements
      Implement AMAPI `unifiedLockSettings` options
    • Optimised outbound notification system
    • Bug fixes
      Fix implementation of app\'s \'Clear data\'' function
  32. 1.9.0

    Released on July 19th, 2022
    • Features
      Implement the ability to remove an accounts password and use only passwordless login
    • Improvements
      Improve the display of tooltips across the app
    • Improve security of support permissions
    • Improve UI for team settings when the user has view-only permissions
    • Improve keyboard accessibility of autocomplete input
    • Bug fixes
      Remove filtering reports by requester due to an existing bug in backend framework
    • Allow access tokens to view routes that require a membership with no additional permissions
    • Fix contact number validation
    • Fix formatting of country and timezone data when saving during onboarding
  33. 1.8.9

    Released on July 15th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Introduce permanent enrollment tokens, thanks Hitesh!
  34. 1.8.8

    Released on July 13th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix a bug that made EMM companion app temporarily unavailable
  35. 1.8.7

    Released on July 12th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix a bug that made kiosk mode temporarily unavailable
  36. 1.8.6

    Released on July 7th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix a minor bug when inviting users to some teams
  37. 1.8.5

    Released on July 6th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Several iterative versions released to increase stability and speed of device sync
  38. 1.8.0

    Released on July 5th, 2022
    • Features
      Implement user impersonation for all support staff
    • Add additional operators for filtering, including date and number range filters
    • Improvements
      Massive improvements to device sync and search timing, reducing search speeds up to 90%
    • Add new sets of permissions for further increasing security
    • Several large improvements to mobile UI and UX across the platform
    • Improve users active sessions table view
    • Improve reseller dashboard and available overview
    • Improve the speed of calculating dashboard charts
    • Improve keyboard accessibility across the platform
    • Bug fixes
      Fix bug in getting updated values for the filtering modal
    • Fix small UI issues in tables and modals across the platform
    • Fix issue in verifying Stripe billing webhooks
    • Fix bug with saving inline editable items from the table
    • Fix bug preventing policies from deploying if the WiFi config had several configurations included
  39. 1.7.7

    Released on May 25th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix bug in parsing some apps managed config schemas
  40. 1.7.6

    Released on May 24th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix policy component preview bug in policy change modal
  41. 1.7.5

    Released on May 16th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix bug in job de-duplication
  42. 1.7.4

    Released on May 13th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Minor speed improvements to device sync
  43. 1.7.3

    Released on May 12th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Minor improvements to processing device updates
  44. 1.7.2

    Released on May 11th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Minor improvements to device sync processing
  45. 1.7.1

    Released on May 6th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix permissions issue preventing some users from changing a devices policy
    • Fix bug preventing role permissions from being updated
  46. 1.7.0

    Released on May 2nd, 2022
    • Improvements
      Further optimize and improve device sync algorithm
    • Add additional device fields for filtering and display in overview table
    • Improve error messages throughout app
    • Automatically close custom variables CSV upload dialog after successful import
    • Improve sorting on tables
    • Improve table display on small screens
    • Fix positioning of unsuccessful login message
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed issue which was incorrectly showing access to remote control for work profile devices
    • Fix device search issues
    • Fix issues with small screen layout in Chrome browsers
    • Fix minor issues with inline editing
    • Fix minor UI bug when creating new items after previously editing existing items
    • Fix minor UI bug with helper items occasionally not appearing
    • Fix UI issue with clearing the search bar causing some items to disappear
  47. 1.6.5

    Released on April 25th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Add further logging and selective pausing of device sync jobs
  48. 1.6.4

    Released on April 22nd, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix processing of Google PubSub for device updates
  49. 1.6.3

    Released on April 21st, 2022
    • Improvements
      Lower API call limit to 250 requests per minute
    • Optimize device sync retry logic
    • Add namespacing to Redis hashmaps
  50. 1.6.2

    Released on April 20th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix issue with duplicate scheduled jobs being run
    • Improve Redis memory usage of queued jobs
  51. 1.6.1

    Released on April 20th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Allow zero-touch customer to link an existing zero-touch account
    • Improve handling of duplicate devices returned from AMAPI during sync
  52. 1.6.0

    Released on April 19th, 2022
    • Features
      Implement user impersonation for mambo support staff
    • Allow exporting custom reports based on device search
    • Improvements
      Allow for bulk inviting new users
    • Add search indexes to highly used database data
    • Improve how the frontend handles updating values with inline edit
    • Handle request cancellation to save on client resources and improve UX
    • Allow adding multiple new device variables without closing the modal
    • Block all location-related features for BYOD devices to ensure privacy
    • Increase dynamic security scans run on the app
    • Improve styling to indicate when a value of an item is empty or null
    • Make table headers accessible with keyboard usage
    • Improve UI for mobile devices
    • Bug fixes
      Fix some Redis-related issues for queues
    • Ending remote control session now closes the remote control modal
    • Fix bug when generating personal usage enrollment tokens
    • Fix bug with managed config modal not closing after saving data
    • Correctly indicate which report is downloading when downloading from the frontend
  53. 1.5.32

    Released on April 11th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Further fix issue in generating reports when device lacks data
  54. 1.5.31

    Released on April 8th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix issue in generating reports when device lacks some status data
  55. 1.5.30

    Released on March 28th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Multiple iterative versions were released to debug and optimize device sync and search queries
    • Increase search input debounce time
    • Bug fixes
      Fix rare unicode character issue during device sync
    • Fix issue with generating personal usage enrollment tokens
    • Fix double request issue when removing search queries
  56. 1.5.8

    Released on March 18th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix device rendering issue for devices switching from a recently deleted policy
  57. 1.5.7

    Released on March 18th, 2022
    • Improvements
      Allow CSV upload of up to 100MB for device custom variables mapping
    • Bug fixes
      Assorted minor bug fixes
  58. 1.5.6

    Released on March 17th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue with remote control not correctly ending sessions
  59. 1.5.5

    Released on March 17th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue with modal validation for admins
  60. 1.5.4

    Released on March 7th, 2022
    • Features
      Create a Basic assets report in CSV format
    • Improvements
      Added custom variables to Detailed assets report in PDF format
    • Bug fixes
      Assorted fixes to improve overall UX
    • Fixed display of device locations
  61. 1.5.3

    Released on March 3rd, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed issue with cron jobs being spawned multiple times
  62. 1.5.2

    Released on March 1st, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed issue with device pagination causing only 1 page to appear
    • Fixed issue with device sorting on model, manufacturer, IMEI, and MEID columns
  63. 1.5.1

    Released on February 28th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed issue with fetching enterprises from AMAPI during device sync
  64. 1.5.0

    Released on February 23rd, 2022
    • Features
      Ability to track devices at intervals
    • Keep tabs on your device via device heartbeat
    • Zero-touch integration included in mambo
    • Delete your team if needed
    • Improvements
      Allow changing multiple components in a policy at once
    • Added filtering by most main attributes
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed issue with pagination not working for certain teams
  65. 1.4.2

    Released on January 26th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed an issue that prevented all applications to be included in the policy on certain occasions
  66. 1.4.1

    Released on January 20th, 2022
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed security issue with regards to resource access given a known ID
  67. 1.4.0

    Released on December 27th, 2021
    • Features
      Broadcast messages to any of your enrolled devices
    • Clear individual app data from the device dashboard
    • Improvements
      Improved search (e.g. search by any device attribute)
    • Added device update status widget to the dashboard
    • Added ability to customize dashboard
    • Added knowledgebase link to the support section
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed remote control issue that caused EMM Companion app to crash sometimes
  68. 1.3.6

    Released on November 23rd, 2021
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue with group inputs having duplicate data e.g. WiFi config
    • Fix a typo preventing policy deployment
  69. 1.3.5

    Released on November 17th, 2021
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue that cut off the bulk actions menu for devices
  70. 1.3.4

    Released on November 15th, 2021
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue affecting onboarding rendering
  71. 1.3.3

    Released on November 12th, 2021
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue with Google Maps not displaying some addresses
  72. 1.3.2

    Released on November 12th, 2021
    • Improvements
      Improve device, components, permissions, and webhooks user interface
    • Improve keyboard usage with the app
    • Improve errors when using 2fa
    • Improve error when trying to create a policy with an existing name
    • Various other smaller UI and UX improvements
    • Bug fixes
      Fix an issue with Google Maps now showing properly
    • Fix sorting on certain columns in tables
    • Fix issue where preserving system apps in enrollment token did not work
  73. 1.3.1

    Released on November 5th, 2021
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed an issue which caused device state variables to be continuously recreated, slowing down device-related API requests
  74. 1.3

    Released on November 3rd, 2021
    • Features
      Remote control
    • Custom branding
    • Find your device
    • Set device possession state (In possession, lost, stolen)
    • Assign your Data Protection Officer and EU Representative
    • Improvements
      Streamline onboarding experience
  75. 1.2.1

    Released on October 6th, 2021
    • Improvements
      Improved password timeout UI
  76. 1.2

    Released on September 20th, 2021
    • Improvements
      Block managing critical system apps
    • Show network identifier for devices by default
    • Added mambo favicon
    • Improved slug error messages
    • Focused styling is now significantly better
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed an issue where logout would leave you logged in on other tabs
    • Fix user agent parsing for better browser recognition on Sessions page
    • Fixed kiosk system navigation options
  77. 1.1

    Released on September 6th, 2021
    • Features
      Support preserving system applications
    • Support managing system applications
    • Support defining enrollment Wi-Fi network
    • Support defining enrollment locale
    • Support mobile data for provisioning
    • Improvements
      Expose Zero-touch/NFC payload
    • Migrated Common Criteria Mode and Developer Settings to a Security component
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed an issue that prevented deleting enrollment token
  78. 1

    Released on August 9th, 2021